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A Message from JoanneJoanne

From leaving the armed services in our early 30's with only just enough to scrape together a deposit on a house, to now rapidly approaching our mid 50's, we've come a long way financially.  Reaching a state of being financially comfortable is definitely achievable, even if you start later in life.

I believe that everyone can learn about investing and that they can take control of their investments.

We had no idea what we were doing when we first started out - we wasted opportunities when we were young and had no real plan for the future. But we didn't spend a lot and we were careful with our money early on in our married life (we still are!) but we didn't seem to get ahead.

Leaving the defence force was our wake up call - there was no longer someone to house us or tell us where we were going to get posted next. We actually had to have some sort of plan for ourselves!

We started out very slowly, learned a few things about property and shares and invested in both tentatively at first. We tried some 'get rich quick' routes early on and got burnt and lost money. As we became more confident we invested more and grew our net worth gradually over time.

I'm know I'm going to disappoint some of you by saying that we haven't done anything extraordinary or sexy. The secret to our success has been a focus on the long term, a sensible approach and we never stopped learning. Yes, boring I know - but boring is ok when you consider that we have achieved the majority of the financial goals we have set ourselves.

I was able to stop full time work in my early 40's to focus on our investments and take on other projects. I have the flexibility to choose how much I work and what type of projects I take on. We are now taking all the holidays that we missed out on when we were younger. We can choose to retire whenever we like  - we probably won't retire any time soon but it's wonderful to have the freedom to choose.

This site is all about providing other investors with ideas and tools to help them become better investors.  I don't provide financial advice (Disclaimer here) I will just share what worked and didn't work for me.

If you have a specific questions you'd like to ask me, please feel free to contact me.