• 170326 Exit1

    BSL Trade Analysis

    I took a short term trade in BSL back in November 2016.  The stock came up in a momentum scan and I entered on a break to new highs.  Unfortunately the logical stop level was a fair way away from my entry price so I …

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  • Trading Goals 1280

    Setting Trading Goals

    As part of your trading plan you are told that you should set goals for your trading activities. For a new trader this can often prove to be difficult because new traders are not sure whether the goals they set are realistic or not.  The …

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  • COTW 160911

    Cup and Handle Entry

    Good example of a potential cup and handle forming.  Entry for this type of pattern is a break to the highs around $4.40 ideally on increased volume.

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  • StopFeatured

    Why Use a Stop?

    Following on from the previous couple of posts about two different type of stop losses, I thought I would share some analysis on a few trades in a particular stock and the outcomes in dollar terms as a result of using stops. Take a look …

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  • A2MFeatured

    An A1 Trade

    Here is an example of the type of trade journals that member’s can access in the members area on as close to a real time basis as possible. Rather than an A1 trade, this was a trade from 2015 in A2M that ended with a …

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  • AlternativeStop E1470368081363

    An Alternative Stop

    The SMSF was given a small parcel of shares in early July from a spin off from another holding. When it came to applying a stop loss to the chart, my normal 3 ATR didn’t work because there just wasn’t enough data. As an alternative …

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  • Setforget 1

    What is Trading Discipline?

    I recently listened to a lesson from successful trader, Alan Grimes, on the use of the term disciplined trader. His definition of a disciplined trader was one who always follows the plan and who never loses control.  If I say I ‘usually’ follow my rules (which I do …

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  • Chandelier E1469569806699

    Trailing Stops

    I have always used some form of trailing stop and my stop of choice is an ATR based stop.  Other simple options for trailing stops could be: percentage fall from a recent high simple or exponential moving average pivot point lows Here are a couple of …

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  • Journey

    Your Investing Journey

    I liken investing to a journey because investors are constantly learning. As investors where do we start on the investing journey? Here is a reasonable approach to take if you are just starting out: learn about the tools & education available understand the basics research different approaches …

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  • Mysmsf

    My SMSF

    Last year I was interviewed for a column in an investing online newsletter with a focus on Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Here are my answers  to their questions, talking about my own SMSF.

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