Coaching Program

The YIC Investment Coaching Program is designed to provide you with tools to help you do it yourself.  Each program will be personalised so that it works for you!

Often investors are overwhelmed and not sure how to get started - YIC's Investing Coaching Program provides tips, tools and experiences (in a safe environment) to enhance your investment skills.

The program focuses on the hands-on, practical aspects of investing - topics that the investing books stress as important but often don't explain 'how to'.

YIC’s Investment Coaching program includes:

  • pre-program Personal Audit
  • 5 x 1 Hour tailored coaching sessions
  • investing tools and templates

This comprehensive program will give you tools to:

  • increase your self awareness
  • clarify your investment goals
  • develop actionable investment plans and strategies
  • identify areas for further learning.

Costs for individual coaching start from only $495 and group coaching sessions are also available.

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Irrespective of where you live, our coaching can be provided over the phone, via skype or face to face at mutually convenient times and venues.*

*Conditions apply