Mastering Your Investment Strategies

The Mastering Your Investment Strategies course teaches a straightforward yet comprehensive approach to investing.

We keep things simple so that you can ‘do it yourself’. We provide examples, a template and suggestions on actions that you can take to control your own financial future. This course includes theory, case studies and exercises and covers:

  • Developing simple investment strategies
  • An overview of the basics of fundamental and technical analysis so that you can begin to explore investing in shares
  • Financial planning concepts such as asset allocation and diversification
  • The need for risk management
  • An overview of Listed Investment Companies and how they can work for you
  • Getting a handle on superannuation
  • Knowing how to tackle record keeping
  • Developing the confidence to talk to professionals about estate planning issues
  • An overview of property concepts so that you can explore investing in residential property

Even if you decide that the DIY approach is not for you, the principles you will learn in this course will be great tools for you to draw on when you are talking to financial professionals.

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