Practical Portfolio Management

The Practical Portfolio Management Course is a practical and easy to learn approach to managing your share portfolio.

We keep thing simple so you can 'do it yourself'. We cut through the jargon and help you focus on and understand the important underlying principles of investing safely. We provide you with a simple share investing plan template to help you write your own investment plan.

The course includes theory, charts, case studies and exercises and covers:

  • Understanding the importance of an investment plan
  • An overview of fundamental analysis and how you might use this analysis as criteria for selecting fundamentally sound stocks
  • An overview of technical analysis covering Dow theory, patterns, trends, moving averages, multiple moving averages and support and resistance
  • Position sizing tactics so you you don't risk too much - we look at the importance of having a stop loss and how knowing this point before you enter any investment can help you manage your risk
  • Risk management strategies including the use of stops
  • How to overlay your chosen technical analysis filters on your favourite fundamentally sound stocks to fine tune your entries
  • An overview of the different types of stops and how they might be practically applied in your portfolio

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