Practical Portfolio Manager

The Practical Portfolio Manager is the perfect tool to help you take control of your investment portfolio.

The spreadsheet has 5 separate worksheets allowing you to manage different aspects of the investing process and comes with a comprehensive set of instructions.

Watchlist ScreenshotWatch List
  • capture stocks of interest to watch for potential entries in the future
  • keep track of potential stop and target prices
  • keep notes on your watch list of stocks
  • do quick position sizing calculations based on maximum risk and maximum position sizing strategies
  • determine risk/reward relationships before you take a trade
  • choose between trades when capital is limited
Trade Management ScreenshotTrade Management Journal
  • keep a statistical record of your trades
  • journal how you manage the trade
  • keep track of your stop price
  • Trade Journalmonitor your open risk for the portfolio
  • calculate your 'R' multiple for each trade
Portfolio Management
  • keep track of your portfolio
  • monitor your realised and unrealised profits/losses
  • Portfolio Management Screenshotcalculate the return of your portfolio
Equity Curve
  • monitor your portfolio value over a period of time
  • chart your portfolio performance
  • keep track of your dividends
  • keep track of your franking credits

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For more information on position sizing, stop placement, risk/reward relationships you may find YIC's Practical Portfolio Management Course → useful.

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